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Lloyd Williams
& mlm Coach

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about His book

MLM “skeptic” Lloyd Williams Becomes Top 1% Industry Earner

El Paso, Texas – February 27, 2017 – Lloyd J. Williams once thought multi-level marketing (MLM) was only for people who could not hack a “real job” in the real world; now after experiencing direct marketing first hand, he is not only a believer, but in less than two years has become a 1% top earner in all of network marketing, all while only working the business part-time.

“I had to learn a brand-new industry and get rid of a lot of preconceived notions about MLM,” Williams said. “The key is not only to find the right company, but to find the right mentor to help you create a life-changing opportunity for you and your family.

Williams not only found such a mentor, but has vowed to guide others to a similar success. He has already helped create multiple six-figure earners and he feels he’s just getting started. “Without the right mentor, the company becomes irrelevant. Many teams have failed without the right coach. I want to be that “right coach”!



Williams understands the value of hard work and commitment. He has built an organization of thousands organically; he has not had a single person placed in his organization from his upline.
Using the personal touch and his experience of success, he now teaches people about the industry and the huge financial impact it can have on their lives.

Once considered the industry’s biggest skeptic, Lloyd Williams has become a perfect example of a network marketing success story, earning over six-figures working the industry part-time, while holding a Director level position in Corporate America and going to school full time to earn a PhD. Lloyd holds a Congress of New Urbanism Certification from the University of Miami’s School of Architecture and is a proud Military Veteran.


His rise in the business is detailed in his bestselling book The Table Of Dreams

Lloyd was not born an MLM believer or superstar.  He became one.  His book will show you how to do both...