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Lloyd J. Williams PhD (ABD); MBA, once considered the industry’s biggest skeptic, has become one of the absolute best stories in network marketing and a perfect example of why this industry, while not perfect, simply is a better way. Lloyd Williams already had a feel an amazing Classic American comeback story having gone from one time living in his car, driving a truck, and working dead end jobs to over the course of 20 years rising through the ranks of Corporate America and currently holding a 6 figure paying Director level position as well as becoming one of the top network marketers in the world. His story is exactly what made him the biggest skeptic towards network marketing. Lloyd thought MLM was for people that could not hack it in the real world and in a “real job.”

He thought network marketing was for people that refused to work hard and that refused to put in countless 80 hour work weeks for years on end and earn their stripes like he had. His perception was that people went into network marketing and only started selling lotions, potions, and butt creams after they were deemed unemployable elsewhere or were too lazy to make it out in the “real world”. Lloyd holds a Bachelor’s degree from New Mexico State University (Go Aggies) as well as an MBA. (Masters in Business Administration) He has a PhD in Management and Organizational Leadership. He holds a Congress of New Urbanism Certification from the University of Miami’s School of Architecture. Lloyd also is a proud Military Veteran. He attributes his love of education and country to his mother who came over illegally from Mexico who along with his father worked 3 or 4 jobs jobs to put food on the table and only after raising 4 college educated boys she herself got her bachelors degree at 65 years old while battling cancer. That’s how much education meant in Lloyd’s household. That very mindset though is what made him the biggest and harshest skeptic towards network marketing. Throughout his entire schooling not once was MLM mentioned and the only time he ever heard about it was either in a negative manner being referred to as “pyramid schemes” or “one of them things” or from a friend or family member trying to “recruit” him yet themselves not making any money from it or jumping from one company to another every few months. After attending an opportunity meeting only as a favor to a friend and hearing it in a manner that just made sense to him, he decided to roll the dice. The rest is history. With absolutely zero network marketing experience and once being the absolute biggest critic of the industry, he went on to become a 6 figure earner in his first 3 months and almost triple his corporate yearly 6 figure salary in his first 12 months. Lloyd has only been in the industry for 5 years and has become a 1% top earner not only his company, but in all of network marketing. The amazing thing is that while most people that are top producers are doing so on a full time basis, Lloyd is doing it on a part time basis while still working his executive Director level position in Corporate America as well as going to school full time working on his now 2nd Doctorate degree. His newfound mission is to educate people. He is taking his love of education and is now teaching people about this beautiful industry and the impact it can have on their lives. He has helped create multiple 6 figure earners under him and he feels he’s just getting started. “I made a ton of mistakes my first year. I was literally "Ignorance On Fire". I had to learn a brand new industry and get rid of a lot of preconceived notions about MLM. There’s a lot of bad companies out there that give the industry a bad name, but there’s also a lot of really good ones. The key is not only to find yourself the right company, but most importantly to find yourself the right mentor to help you take that vehicle and create a life-changing opportunity for you and your family. Without the right mentor, the company becomes irrelevant. Many a team has failed without the right coach and Lloyd is “THAT RIGHT COACH”!

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